The Gathering of Dusk

Author: Lukkassen

Lukkassen - The Gathering of Dusk


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In this lucid and important book, the renowned Dutch philosopher dr. Lukkassen analyzes how the fall of Europe and the rise of Cultural Marxism are intimately intertwined. Today, we are witnessing  the waning of the West as a world power, with China and Islam being the main geopolitical beneficiaries.

Shockingly, dr. Lukkassen describes how the West masochistically mistreats itself by weakening its own cultural values with those of its adversaries. The rest of the world beholds this Western self-mutilation in shock and wonder – indeed, what important lessons can we draw from our very own downfall?


About Dr. Lukkassen
Dr. Lukkassen (Ph.D.), bestselling Dutch historian and philosopher, has lectured at the Radboud University Nijmegen. He has been active as a politician, media personality and filmmaker. In the Netherlands and Belgium, he is widely known for his media appearances and firm positions in the public debate. Learning from the fall of the West is his first tome to appear in English.