Endgame Ukraine

Author: John Laughland

John Laughland - Endgame Ukraine


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“He who controls Ukraine controls the heartland. He who controls the heartland controls the world island. He who controls the world island controls the world.”

Throughout its history, Ukraine has always been the key geostrategic pivot: the theatre of the global battle for supremacy and the ultimate challenge to achieve world dominance. In this groundbreaking and highly topical book, renowmed scholar of international relations, John Laughalnd, argues that the current war in Urkaine is the ‘endgame’ of American hegemonic aspirations. It represents Washington’s final push for control over the world, yet it may well prove to be its ultimate ‘imperial overstretch’ and the brink of its downfall - as it was for Napoleon and Hitler. Russia stared into the abyss in the 1990s and pulled itself back up. Will Europe - facing that same abyss now - be able to reinvent itself and rid itself of America’s suicidal hubris?


About John Laughland

John Laughland, born in 1963, is a lecturer in political science and history at the Catholic Institute of the Vendée in France.  He is the author of numerous books on the ideology of supranationalism.